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OLP-18C Acterna OLP-18C
The Acterna OLP-15C, OLP-16C and OLP-18C are compact, high performance optical power meters for installation, maintenance and repair in fiber optic networks. They can be used on their own for simple system power measurements, or with a...
OLA-15B Acterna OLA-15B
The Acterna OLA-15B is a handy-sized, rugged optical attenuator for single mode applications from 1260 to 1625 nm. Applications include bit error rate tests, determination of system margin and receiver sensitivity, and calibration of...
OLS-15 Acterna OLS-15
Acterna high power single-mode laser source OLS-15 is a high power single-mode laser source designed for use with all Acterna’s high performance and pocket sized optical power meters. High performance The power and stability of the...
2416 Acterna 2416
Acterna’s 2416 SDH Field Services Module for the TestPad 2000 offers a superior balance of size and performance among STM-16 test sets. The rugged 2416 redefines STM-16 testing by enabling faster, easier, and more reliable turn-up of...