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DA1855A LeCroy DA1855A
The DA1855A is a stand-alone, high-performance 100 MHz differential amplifier. It is intended to act as a signal conditioning preamplifier for oscilloscopes, digitizers and spectrum analyzers, providing differential measurement...
HFP1500 LeCroy HFP1500
Engineers often find the need to probe a variety of different devices and test points in their designs. In order to do this, today's probes need to be versatile, small, and lightweight while maintaining the necessary bandwidth to capture...
LT342 LeCroy LT342
Digital Storage Oscilloscope, 2 channels, 500 MHz bandwidth, single shot 500 MS/s, repetitive 25 GS/s, 250 K/channel, 16 M RAM, 3.5" floppy disk, RS-232, GPIB.
LC574AM LeCroy LC574AM
The LeCroy LC574AM Oscilloscope is a four-channel instrument with 1GHz bandwidth and full colour 9 inch display. Maximum single-shot sampling rates are 1GS/s on all four channels or 4GS/s on a single channel. Interleaved sampling...
9361 LeCroy 9361
The 9361 is an excellent oscilloscope for looking at single shot events with slower rise times. It samples on 2 channels simultaneously at 2.5 GS/s sampling rate with 300 MHz bandwidth. SMART trigger modes like Glitch, Window and Dropout...
WS64Xs LeCroy WS64Xs
The LeCroy WaveSurfer Xs is the most powerful and capable scope available in its class. Basic system validation using advanced triggers, fast viewing modes, measurement parameters, or serial decodes is simple and easy. Advanced debug,...
LC334AM LeCroy LC334AM
Digital Oscilloscope, 500 MHz, 500 MS/s, 4 channels, color display.
LC534AL LeCroy LC534AL
4 Kanäle, Frequenzbereich von DC bis 1 GHz, 500 MS/s, 2 Mpts/Kanal, maximale Abtastrate 4 ms (Single-Shot), Empfindlichkeit 2 mV/div bis 1 V/div (50 Ohm), Genauigkeit typ. 1%, vertikale Auflösung 8 bit, maximale Eingangsspannung 400 V (1...
9450A LeCroy 9450A
2-Kanal-Analog/Digitaloszilloskop mit einer Bandbreite von 300 MHz und einer Abtastrate von 400 MS/s, Empfindlichkeit 5 mV bis 2 V/div. bei 1 MOhm/ 30 pF an 50 Ohm, Zeitbasis 1 ns bis 5000 s/div. 50 k Memory pro Kanal, vertikale...
AP020 LeCroy AP020
FET probes extend the measurement capabilities of any oscilloscope. They provide higher resistance, lower capacitance and a flatter system bandwidth than passive probes. The reduced load on the circuit being probed results in more...
LC374A LeCroy LC374A
The LeCroy LC374A oscilloscope is a graph-displaying device – it draws a graph of an electrical signal. In most applications, the graph shows how signals change over time: the vertical (Y) axis represents voltage and the horizontal (X)...
WaveAce 2004 LeCroy WaveAce 2004
Ein gutes Oszilloskop sollte die Arbeit vereinfachen und die Zeit der Fehlerbehebung verkürzen. Die WaveAce™ Serie kombiniert tiefe Speicher, ein 17,7 cm (7") Widescreen-Display, sehr viele Messfunktionen, erweiterte Triggerarten und...
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