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MT2075 Maury Microwave MT2075
The MT 2075 Noise-Gain Analyzer is a programmable microprocessor-controlled, double conversion receiver designed specifically to make precise measurements of noise and gain characteristics of RF devices. The analyzer can be controlled...
MT7618N Maury Microwave MT7618N
The Maury MT7600 series noise generators provide the calibrated noise levels required for evaluation of the noise performance of receivers, amplifiers and other linear transducers. Fast on-off switching, along with stable repeatable...
460 Maury Microwave 460
Signal Generator im Frequenzbereich von 100 kHz bis 1,3 GHz
M7006A Maury Microwave M7006A
The 7006A/B series are economical, cost effective kits designed to provide accurate calibration of a wide range of vector network analyzers for measurements in rectangular waveguide at frequencies from 2.6 to 40.0 GHz (WR284 through...