Kenwood DAB3801

DAB-3801 is a test signal generator conformable to the European DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast)... mehr
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DAB-3801 is a test signal generator conformable to the European DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast) Standard ETS 300 401. Features Complies with DAB transmission modes I, II, III and IV Outputs Quasi-random codes for measuring the bit error rate BER, which is needed to evaluate the receiver performances. If several DAB-3801 units are connected, they can generate the same test signals with a time lag, enabling SFN (single frequency network) verification. Has random access FIC memory for verification of any receiver systems which the user wants. An internal backup circuit maintains FIC and panel setting written in the memory for four days at least. Outputs the pre-determined MSC multiplex configuration information (MCI), broadcasting station name (LABEL), program type (PTY), etc. repeatedly as the fixed FIC data. Internally replaceable I and Q signals allow the user to reverse the spectrum with a single switch when IF loop-back verification is changed into RF loop-back verification. A built-in asynchronous sampling rate converter receives digital output signals from a CD, MD or DAT player.
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