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Propsim C8
Elektrobit Testing Ltd is rolling out a multi-channel emulator called the Propsim C8 . The firm's... mehr
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Elektrobit Testing Ltd is rolling out a multi-channel emulator called the Propsim C8 . The firm's latest new integrated version of Propsim is slated for verification testing of MIMO (multiple-input multiple-output) systems. MIMO is an emerging multiplexing technique for boosting wireless bandwidth and range. The Propsim C8 can be equipped with a MIMO Extension Option , enabling testing of up to 4×4 MIMO or 2×4 full-duplex MIMO systems with a single channel emulator. It's aimed at research, development, and testing teams working with MIMO algorithms or product integration and verification testing. The Propsim C8 system covers 350-MHz to 6-GHz, with a 70-MHz bandwidth (optionally extended to beyond 100-MHz). As such, it can be used to test and develop MIMO techniques on 3G, Wi-Fi, WiMAX , and 4G cellular systems. It supports the use of the same system in parallel evaluation of various standard systems (for example, comparing WiMAX equipment operating in different frequency bands). The channel emulation capabilities of the Propsim C8 system emulate all standard and future channel models, including IEEE-802.11n and other pre-standardization MIMO channel models such as 3GPP SCM and SCME models for 3G. The channel modeling tools available with Propsim C8 let you create correlating MIMO models based on complex correlation matrices, DoA or 802.11n type approaches using antenna correlation matrices, and path groups. Propsim C8 also enables emulation of any user-defined or measured channel models. Dynamic path delay models can be constant, sinusoidal sliding delay, linear sliding delay 3GPP birth-death , and hopping types. The Importance Of Correlation Why is this significant? Well, MIMO techniques are based on performance gains achieved by using multiple transmit and receive antennas to provide parallel un-correlating propagation channels between a transmitter and a receiver. The correlation between different antenna elements (such as propagation paths) is what enables MIMO gain in a realistic deployment environment. Thus, it's essential that a channel emulator is capable of emulating realistic MIMO scenarios with maximum accuracy and repeatability. That's where Propsim C8 come sin. Its integrated design with digital signal splitting and combining provides a stable test bench for the emulation of such multi-channel environments. The Propsim C8 multi-channel emulator also supports integrated generation of AWGN (additive white Gaussian noise) and modulated interference signals with channel emulation capabilities. With its MIMO channel emulation, Propsim C8 can be used for developing MIMO algorithms, as well as for the integration and verification or comparison of MIMO-capable wireless products and systems.
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