Rflight 6113E

The Racal Instruments 6113 E Digital Radio Test Set provides a wide range of test and... mehr
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The Racal Instruments 6113 E Digital Radio Test Set provides a wide range of test and measurement functions to enable fast manual or automatic testing of GSM850, GSM900, GSM1800 or GSM1900 Base Transceiver Stations (BTSs). Applications includes installation and commissioning, routine maintenance, fault diagnosis and final unit product testing. The Base Station On-Air Service System (BOSS) allows live RF network traffic monitoring and analyzing. It can set up calls for receiver testing. A sensitive measuring receiver option permits operation remote from the antenna. option 6113 BTS Test Set 6113E BTS Test Set with encryption, option 10R 01 GSM900 operation 02 GSM1800 operation 03 GSM1900 operation 04F Very High Stability Frequency Standard 08 GSM 850 Operation 10R Encryption retrofit kit 51 T1 A-bis Interface 52 E1 A-bis Interface 54 GPIB 61 Padded Carrying Bag 62 Rigid Transit Case 64 Front Panel Protection Cover 76 Memory Card, 256 kbyte 77 Memory Card, 2 Mbyte 78 Flash Memory Card, 10M byte 79 Removable Hard Disk Drive 170M byte 90 Test Set/PC RS232 download cable, (9 way D-type) 91 Test Set/Printer RS232 cable (25 way D-type) 92 Test Set/Printer parallel cable 220 Ericsson Software 310 LIVE Testing
Produktgruppe Kommunikationstester (GSM)
  • 92CBD8D5-C963-4E81-B78A-D8881FA96E57
Rflight 6113E
Verfügbar in folgenden Varianten:
001 002 04F 010 052 054 270 310 311 A-bis
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