Thurlby-Thandar Instruments TSX1820P

SPECIFICATIONS Output Specifications: Operating modes: Constant voltage or constant... mehr
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SPECIFICATIONS Output Specifications: Operating modes: Constant voltage or constant current with automatic crossover. Voltage range: 0V to 35V (TSX3510P). 0V to 18V (TSX1820P). Current range: 0A to 10A (TSX3510P). 0A to 20A (TSX1820P). Overvoltage protection: 10% to 110% of max. output voltage. Setting resolution: 10mV, 10mA. Load regulation: <0.01% of max. O/P for 90% change. Line regulation: <0.01% of max. O/P for 10% change. Output impedance: <1mW in constant voltage mode. >5kW in constant current mode. Ripple & noise: <1mV RMS typical in constant voltage. <3mA RMS typical in constant current. HF common mode noise: Typically <3mV RMS, <10mV pk. Transient load response: <20us to within 50mV of set level for 90% load change. Temperature coefficient: typically <100ppm/oC. Overvoltage protection delay: <200us. Protection functions: Overvoltage trip, Regulator over temperature, Sense miswiring. Status indication: Output on/off lamp, Constant voltage mode lamp, Constant current mode lamp, Trip message. Output switch: Electronic. Output terminals: 4mm output terminals at front, screw terminals for output and sense at rear. Output protection: Full forward and reverse protection via OVP and diode clamp. Input Specifications: Input voltage range: 180V to 270V RMS, 90V to 135V RMS, 47 to 63Hz. Power requirement: 750VA max. Voltage range selection: Rear panel slide switch. Meter Specifications Meter types: Separate 4 digit meters for voltage and current with 12.5mm (0.5") LED displays. Meter resolutions: 10mV, 10mA. Meter accuracies: Voltage ?(0.2% + 1 digit) Current ?(0.5% + 1 digit). Mechanical & Environmental Electrical safety: Complies with EN61010-1. EMC: Complies with EN50081-1 and EN50082-1. Temperature: +5oC to +40oC operating, 20% to 80% RH, -40oC to +70oC storage. Size: 210 x 130 x 350mm (WxHxD), (half rack width x 3U height), optional rack mounting kit available. Weight: 5.0kg (TSX versions). 5.5kg (TSX-P versions). Front Panel Controls Voltage setting: Direct keyboard entry or quasi-analogue rotary control. Current setting: Direct keyboard entry or quasi-analogue rotary control. Overvoltage setting: Direct keyboard entry. Output On/Off: Push button with dual indicator lamps.
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  • D6A7BDA5-04E5-42DC-93C1-1AF0F8CCFA9C
18 V, 20 A, 360 W
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