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Chroma A222704 Video Signal Box provides the standard video/ audio interface of today's... mehr
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Chroma A222704 Video Signal Box provides the standard video/ audio interface of today's TV/HDTV/SDTV/Monitor/PDP/Projector application. In order to meet the standard test signal requirements of various panels, this device combined with the Chroma 22291/23291/2230/2330 Video Pattern Generator to expand interfaces, such as RGB/D-Sub, YPbPr/RCA, S-Video, D-Terminal/ D1-D5, SCART and CVBS connector in Multi-media instrument testing. The output terminal of A222704 includes the following signals: (1) SCART : support Euro- type TV connector - signals include TV Composite and RGB output and control voltage. (2) R, L : Analog Audio Right / Left output (3) CVBS : a Composite connector for TV output (4) S-Video : for Y/C (Luminance/Chrominance) video separate signals (5) Y, PB, PR : Two groups that can support HDTV/SDTV color difference signal or RCA connector of RGB. (6) D-Terminal : a HDTV signal D-Terminal connector that supports D1-D5; its signals include color difference signal YPbPr and control voltage. (7) D-Sub15 ANALOG RGB : supports a 15-Pin D-type Connector that has an Analog RGB. In addition, the A222704 can control and process output signal formats and output interface via the VPG's various video output signals and special I/O control signals. Users can utilize the software application, VPG PLUS, either on PC or on the Video Pattern Generator itself to edit various timing parameters, patterns and test procedures. Its complete test functions can fully meet the requirements for R&D, production test and quality assurance in all video related industries.
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Chroma A222704
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