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The UN-1 Universal Network and Filter can be set to any of the most frequently used transfer... mehr
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The UN-1 Universal Network and Filter can be set to any of the most frequently used transfer functions in the AF range. Over 30 different operating modes are provided in the standard version. In addition to more than 2000 frequency settings, various filter slopes, relative bandwidth, or delay times can be entered depending on which operating mode has been selected. The Filter you want is therefore ready in seconds. In spite of the immense number of possible settings the UN-1 is easy to operate via its keyboard. Specifications - Frequency range: 0 to 150 kHz - Frequency settings: 16 kHz to 32 kHz (extended 1 Hz to 35,7 kHz) - Operating modes: - Low-Pass, High-Pass, Band-Pass, Band-Stop, Branching, Weighting Filters, Delay Network - Slope for high/low-pass: up to 72 dB/octave - Slope for the Cauer filter: 158 dB/octave - Impedances: 75 - 150 - 600 Ohm switchable Further Facilities - Signal shaper in the time domain - Octave, half-octave-, third-octave band pass filters, electro-acoustic, - low-pass and high-pass filters with switch selectable A or B frequency sequences - conforming to DIN/IEC requirements - Weighting filters (A, B, C, D) and pink noise network for acoustic measurements, - conforming to DIN or IEC requirements - Weighting filters for voice and sound-programme channels conforming to CCITT or CCIR Recs.
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  • E9744A58-5CC9-4F7D-A1C5-4370A1562537
16 kHz - 32 kHz
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