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The Tektronix 80A07 recovers clocks from serial data streams for all of the most common... mehr
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The Tektronix 80A07 recovers clocks from serial data streams for all of the most common electrical standards in the continuous 100 Mb/s to 12.5 Gb/s range. Auto-locking capability is selectable from the user interface or programmatic interface, so the design and test engineers can search and lock onto signals of unknown data rates. The 80A07 offers complete configurability and state-of-the-art specifications and is the preferred solution for most serial data standards due to excellent stability, superior Jitter and slew rate tolerance for recovering clocks from stressed or degraded signals, and unequaled PLL bandwidth and roll-off shape control for either Golden PLL compliance testing or custom PLL response. The Tektronix 80A07 also locks on spread-spectrum signals. In addition to standard rate support, users can specify custom bit rates on either of the two modules in order to test devices, modules, and systems running at emerging or nonstandard rates. The wide clock recovery ranges support for user-specified bit rates provide complete clock recovery solutions for testing a wide range of computer, communications, and consumer electronics signaling rates and standards. Features Electrical Clock Recovery for Enumerated Bit Rates between 50 Mb/s and 12.6 Gb/s Continuously Variable Rates from 100 Mb/s to 12.5 Gb/s Enables Support for Current, Emerging, and Future Bit Rate Needs High Jitter Tolerance, Slow Slew Rate Tolerance for Recovering Clocks from Stressed, Degraded, or Spread-spectrum Clocked Signals Excellent Time Base Stability and Ultra-low Residual Jitter (as low as 250 fsRMS) for Best Measurement System Fidelity Unequaled PLL Bandwidth and Roll-off Shape Control (Tunable loop bandwidth of 100 kHz to 12 MHz) Enables Control Required by Many Compliance Standard Tests Clean 50 O Path for the Best Signal Acquisition Fidelity
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Electrical Clock Recovery
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