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The FIREBERD 6000 provides superior test solutions for new technologies, including frame relay... mehr
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The FIREBERD 6000 provides superior test solutions for new technologies, including frame relay and asynchronous transfer mode (ATM). Highlights Test ATM, frame relay, ISDN, low-speed data, T1, 2M, T3, and 34M with the same instrument, and recall up to ten of your most frequently used test setups with the push of a button. Detect hard-to-find bit error rate (BER) problems quickly, and interpret test results easily using custom printouts showing only the results that you specify. Reduce response time and extend the reach of your field technician with remote testing. DTM-32 and Remote Test Manager (RTM) software options enable you to perform remote testing from your PC or UNIX workstation. Use the FIREBERD 6000 to test analog circuits. The TIMS-45 Lid enables you to perform VF and wideband Transmission Impairment Measurement Set (TIMS) tests on analog and digital transmission lines. Automate routine testing on your FIREBERD 6000 with the Dynamic Script Generator option and free LabVIEW drivers. Key Features Portable WAN analyzer with automated and remote testing. Easy-to-use, menu-driven user interface. Test ATM, frame relay, ISDN, T1, and more. Detect hard-to-find BER problems quickly. Fast packet testing. ISDN testing. T- and E-carrier testing. DTE/DCE datacom testing. Options 6004 Clock Recovery 6005 GPIB interface 6006 Precision Time Base with 1 ppm 6007 G703 Wideband Jitter Measurement & Generator 6008 G703 Jitter Spectral Analysis
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