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The CW-4076 ACTIVE COMBINER combines the channel output signals of the headend, thus it... mehr
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The CW-4076 ACTIVE COMBINER combines the channel output signals of the headend, thus it delivers a complex frequency multiplex signal, providing the subscribers with a great number of services. In the analogue age, these services contained radio and television programs only, but in the digital age they are continuously broadening with new kinds of services starting with Internet access. Along with external channel filter type 8-input selective pre-combiners, the CW-4076 can process even 80 analogue TV channels, 80 digital TV packets and 48 FM radio channels. Thus, the number of TV channels can amount to over 1,000. The combiner is equipped also with RF outputs for driving optical lines, permitting the unit to be used in optical distribution networks, too. For increased reliability, the combiner is built with GaAs hybrid output stages, throughout gold plated F connectors and is equipped with a built-in reserve power supply. The supply voltages and the temperatures of each hybrid stages are continuously measured by the unit’s microcontroller and the measured data can be queried through the CW Bus. Main features Frequency range 47-862 MHz GaAs hybrid end stages Inputs for analogue TV, digital TV and FM radio, for a total of over 1,000 TV and radio channels Reverse path outputs Optical line driver outputs Gold plated F connectors 19" × 4 HU equipment frame Built-in reserve mains power supply Bus control facility
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