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The FIREBERD 8000 combines the success of two highly successful test platforms - the FIREBERD... mehr
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The FIREBERD 8000 combines the success of two highly successful test platforms - the FIREBERD 6000A and the TestPad. As a datacom analysis module for the TestPad, the portable, battery-powered FIREBERD 8000 completes a winning combination in size, flexibility, and test capability. Highlights Easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) maximizes navigation ability and test efficiency. Native datacom interfaces for EIA-530, RS-449 (422 and 423), RS-232, X.21, V.35, and V.36 serial interfaces. Government standards support for MIL-188C and MIL-188-114. Field-friendly interface module slot supports conditioned diphase module and expandability to new technologies. Synchronous/asynchronous and DTE/DCE modes of operation. A full suite of BER patterns with data rate support up to 18 Mbps. Applications Verify end-to-end connectivity - Isolate problems to a specific direction by analyzing the performance of an entire digital link in both directions. Timing analysis - Detect timing problems stemming from propagation delay or incorrectly timed network elements. DTE and DCE emulation - Test head-to-head with a variety of synchronous and asynchronous datacom network elements. Quality of Service (QoS) Testing - Standardize test metrics with a variety of results measurements, including Round Trip Delay, G.821, and Pattern Slips analysis. Key Features Internal, recovered, and external clock capability. Clock recovery option enables clock recovery from receive data lead. Virtual breakout box provides a visual representation of activity on data, clock, and signal leads. Remote operation and results storage. Normal, inverted, or auto clock edge selections. In-band and out-of-band flow control.
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