Tektronix TLA622

The Tektronix TLA622 Logic Analyzer is at the top-end of the TLA600 series of logic analyzers... mehr
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The Tektronix TLA622 Logic Analyzer is at the top-end of the TLA600 series of logic analyzers from Tektronix and addresses the ever changing needs today's digital design engineers. The TLA622 has 68 channels, 2 GHz Timing, 100 MHz state, 1M depth. Features 2 GHz Timing on All Channels Simultaneous State and 500 ps MagniVu Timing Analysis Up to 200 MHz State Acquisition Analysis Glitch Triggering and Setup/Hold Triggering Glitch Storage Transitional Storage for extended Signal Analysis Capture Time Cursors with 500 ps Timestamp Resolution Repetitive Comparisons Remote Control Enables Advanced Data Analysis with Other Development Tools Offline Data Viewer (TLAVu) Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional OS PC Platform architecture with Network Connectivity MagniVu Acquisition Technology: A super high-speed sampling architecture that dramatically changes the way the analyzer works and enables unprecedented new capabilities, including Capturing and Correlating elusive faults, User-selectable sample point for synchronous clocking, precision triggering on setup-and-hold violations and glitches, Simultaneous high-speed timing and state acquisition.
Produktgruppe Logikanalysatoren
  • D25F6788-5878-462F-A582-CD39071CB7C5
100 MHz State, 2 GHz Timing, 68 Kanäle
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