Philips PM5672

The PM5672 TV modulator is a complete television modulator (transmitter) with inputs for video... mehr
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The PM5672 TV modulator is a complete television modulator (transmitter) with inputs for video and two audio channels and output for VHF or UHF radio frequencies. Extreme accuracy and stability are obtained with new technology, such as synthesized carrier generation and a surface-acoustic wave filter (SAW) for the amplitude response shaping. Although the PM5672 is economically priced it features the following broadcast characteristics only found in more expensive modulators: Rudimentary side-band characteristics Group delay pre-correction Low distortion Channel output with very low spurious and harmonic content Precision meters, front mounted, for modulation control Stereo or two-channel sound The PM5672 is ideal for television distribution systems such as those used in TV and video cassette recorder factories, closed circuit and cable TV networks. The SAW filter ensures adjacent channel operation without interference. The PM 5672 is ideal as a cost effective exciter in low power TV transmitters.
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Philips PM5672
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