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The GPIB-PCII/IIA interface board combines the functionality of the National Instruments... mehr
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The GPIB-PCII/IIA interface board combines the functionality of the National Instruments GPIB-PCII and GPIB-PCIIA interface boards. It can be configured to function in either GPIB-PCII mode or GPIB-PCIIA mode, depending on the setting of the configuration switches. GPIB-PCII mode and GPIB-PCIIA mode use different regions of I/O space, and GPIB -PCIIA mode supports shared interrupts. If you already have a board in your computer that uses GPIB-PCII mode or GPIB-PCIIA mode, you should use the GPIB -PCII/IIA in that mode to ensure compatibility between the boards. The GPIB-PCII/IIA board, equipped with the NAT4882 ASIC, transforms any IBM PC, PC/XT, PC AT, or compatible computer into a full-funct ioning IEEE 488.2 Talker/Listener/Controller. The NAT4882 controller chip is fully compatible with the IEEE 488.2 standard. You can use standard GPIB cables to connect the GPIB-PCII/IIA with up to 14 instruments. If you want to use more instruments, you can order a bus extender or expander from National Instruments. Refer to Appendix A, Hardware Specifications , for more information about the GPIB-PCII/IIA hardware specifications and recommended operating conditions.
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