Keysight (Agilent/HP) 54622D

The 54622D Oscilloscope is a 100 MHz mixed signal oscilloscope (MSO), with two analog channels... mehr
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The 54622D Oscilloscope is a 100 MHz mixed signal oscilloscope (MSO), with two analog channels and 16 digital channels, uniquely combines the detailed signal analysis of a scope with the multi-channel timing measurements of a logic analyzer. It lets you see the complex interactions among your signals on up to 18 channels simultaneously. No more guesswork and no more poking around to see a few channels at a time. The unit can easily conquer mixed analog and digital debugging problems that a traditional scope can't begin to address, because it lets you simultaneously test and monitor the high-speed digital control signals and the slower analog signals in your design. The combination of analog channels, digital timing channels and MegaZoom deep memory with triggering across all 18 channels provides totally new ways to debug mixed analog and digital 8- or 16-bit microcontroller-based designs. Plus, the MSO is built on the same scope foundation as the other 54600 models, so they look and feel like a familiar scope. Features 100 MHz 2 analog channels and 16 digital channels Revolutionary high-definition display Standard RS-232 and parallel ports IntuiLink PC software Intensity knob to adjust screen contrast Pan and Zoom Autoscale Standard serial triggering
Produktgruppe Oszilloskope / Digital
  • AA32E0AB-6525-4D1B-B0E2-6DEC5F800E4A
100 MHz, 200 MS/s, 2 Kanäle
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