Bruel & Kjaer 5716

Two Ch an ne l Tr ac king Filt er Type 5 71 6/ WH 02 5 5 is a ve ry ver sat ile du al band- pass... mehr
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Two Ch an ne l Tr ac king Filt er Type 5 71 6/ WH 02 5 5 is a ve ry ver sat ile du al band- pass f ilte r whose cent re fr eq ue ncy may be tun ed by a vari ety of diffe rent m et h - ods for tr ackin g audio fr equ ency s ig- nals in th e ra nge 5 Hz to 10 kHz. In a vibr ati on testin g inst allati on it can be used for fr equ ency -se lect ive le- vel meas ur ement s a nd spect rum and cross-spec trum analys is. S ix constan t ba nd w idt hs 0 , 3 16 to 100 Hz may be automa t ica lly se- lected by fre qu ency band for near constant-pe rce ntage bandw idth ap- pl icat io ns . The 5 7 16 de pends on th e action of a voltage-co ntro ll ed loca l osc ill a - tor , w hi ch may be tun ed d irectl y by a lin ea r voltage ramp (+ 0 . 11 to + 11 V ) or ind irec tl y by a ph ase- locked loop . Thi s loop may be locked eit he r to an extern al tri gger sig nal. wh ich may also be th e in pu t signa l to one of the filt er cha nn els, or to the beat fr equ ency der ived by a mixer bu ilt i nto th e 5 7 16 be- twee n th e two hi gh- fr equ ency tun - ing signals ava il able fr om th e 10 4 7 Excit er Cont ro l. The latt er fac ilit y en - ables the 5 7 16 to be acc urate ly fr e- que ncy-sync h ro ni zed w it h the 104 7 . For sync hro nizati o n of a gra- ph ic leve l or X-Y recor der . a pos itive di rect vo lt age o ut put is ava ilable pro - port iona l to eith er fr eq uency or t he logarit hm of fr equ ency (sw it ch-se lec- table). A Ram p Ge ner ator WB 02 10 is ava ilab le to sweep th e 5 7 16 fr e- quency auto mat ica lly . On e of th e chann e ls prov ides bot h coin cide nt and q uadr at ur e o ut- put s fo r use i n cross-spec tru m ana- lys is w ith t he Type 5748 . Ot her fa- c ili t ies inc lude up to 70 dB ga in se- lectab le man ually or automat ica ll y in 10 dB steps (ind epe nd ent ly fo r ",-::::::- each cha nn el) and 15 dB continu - ous atten uato rs in eac h cha nn el. Furth er info rm at ion abou t the 57 1 6 is co nt ained in a separa te data shee t . Sp ecifi cat ion s 5 71 6: Cent er Frequeny Range: Exte rnal Tri gger or Volt age Cont rol : Two switch-selec t able ranges 5 to 500 Hz and 50 to 5 kHz Con tr ol by 1047 : 5 Hz to lOkHz in one continuous range Band Pass Filte rs: Bandw i dth s: Tw o-pole Butt erwo rth char - acter i stic. 0 ,316 1, 3 , 16. 10. 3 1,6 or 100 Hz bandw idths Band w idth Pro gr am me: Cross - over Ire · qucncies 15.8. 50, 158 , 500. 1580 Hz for near co nstant bandwidth applications. Can be select ed interna ll y Phase acc uracy: Betwee n in put and out put: OO ± 1° w hen using tra cking input 0 ° ± 1° (5 Hz t o 2kHz). ± 5 ° (2kH z to 10 kHz). w hen using 104 7 Between t wo out put s: 0 ° ± 1° however tuned Chann el Gai n at Cent re Fr equency 70d8 max imum. adjus t able in l OdB steps, with O to - 15 dB continuou s gain contro l. Autoranging Dynami c Range: Bett t er th an 40 dB Input s: Channel s A and B: Imped an ce 1,0 M!1. m aximum v oltage ± 10 V PEAK Trac ki ng (Tri gge r}: Imped ance 100 k!1 . vo ltag e l OOmV to 50V Freq uency Con t rol : Impedance > 3 k!1. voltage range + 0 , 1 1 t o + 11 V approx. for select able freq uency range 5 Hz to 500 Hz or 50 Hz t o 5 kHz Output s: Chann el s A . B and B L 9 0' : Impedance 10 011. mini mum load i mpedance 10 kl! . max imum output voltage ± 10 V PEAK. Selecta ble 20 dB rear panel atte nuator in each chan nel. outp ut impedance 1 k!1 Volt age Proportion al to Frequ ency : Se- lectab le, li near + 0,01 to + 10V (2 V / kHz). or logar ithmic O to + 6 V (2 VI decade ) Indi cato rs: Overload (each channel). 15 dB from overload (each chann el). Tracking error (for t racking input) Co nn ect ors: All signa l connectio ns are made fr om standard BNC sockets acce pt ing plug JP 0035 W arm- up Time : 5 mi nutes Dime nsio ns: Heig ht : 132 , 6 mm (5 .22 in) W idth : 430mm (1 6 ,9in} Depth: 200mm (7.87in) We ight: 6 kg ( 13,2 l b} approx. Power Requir ement s: 10 0. 1 15. 127 , 220 or 240V single phase 50 / 60Hz AC main s. 15VA ap- prox. Accessor i es Includ ed: 0,5 A Fuse A ccesso ri es A va il abl e: Ramp Gene rator WB 02 10 for man u al tuning of t he filt er s
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