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The TG19CC Multi Test Signal Generator is designed to testing requirements of six television... mehr
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The TG19CC Multi Test Signal Generator is designed to testing requirements of six television systems : NTSC, PAL, SECAM, PAL-M, PAL-N and NTSC-4.43 MHz. Video signals and RF signal of 30 to 900 MHz are generated. Equipped with over 20 types of standard video output signals including monoscope pattern. The TG19CC is ideal for inspecting resolution, color reproducibility, frequency response, linearity, S/N and others. Features Two composite analog signals are generated. Switches between GBR and YUV analog output and generates either one. Equipped with one S-VHS connector. HD and VD output connector, it is each equipped with one system. Aspect ratio, 4:3 or 16:9, can be switched at video signal output. Interlace or non-interlace mode (262 lines/field or 312 lines/field) is selectable. Output frequency of RF signal is variable in a range of 30 to 900 MHz. SAW filter is employed in the video modulator to obtain residual side-band characteristics. One video signal input is equipped. An external signal is modulated and can be output as an RF signal. (However, in case of external input, TELETEXT signal of TG19CC cannot be added.) Deviation and modulation of audio RF signal are variable. P/S ratio is variable. Sound MPX functions corresponding to various nations can be equipped. Teletext function can be equipped. Special patterns excluding PAL-M can be equipped as optional feature.
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