Keysight (Agilent/HP) 10432A

The Keysight 10400 miniature probe family offers modular construction, superior electrical... mehr
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The Keysight 10400 miniature probe family offers modular construction, superior electrical performance, and high reliability. Modular construction allows individual replacement of probe tips, cables, and chassis assemblies which reduces repair costs. The narrow sharp probe tip is excellent for probing surface mount technology. This family has a complete set of accessories that complement today's large variety of probing needs. Modularity: Narrow, Sharp, Probe Tip General Purpose Grabber: The general purpose grabber is attached to the probe tip for use on IC pins and other typical circuit measurements. Integrated Circuit Grabber: The IC grabber is attached to the probe tip to allow easy and firm grip to a IC with .1 inch pitch without the hazard of shorting adjacent pins on the IC. Ground Lead: The alligator clip style ground lead has a ferrite bead included in its construction which reduces noise in the measured signal. Barrel Insulator: The barrel insulator prevents possible shorting of probe tip and circuitry. Use the barrel insulator with the general purpose grabber for correct fit of grabber. Accessory Package: The accessory package contains: four grounding spanners for high frequency measurements, one barrel insulator, eight colored cable markers, one adjustment screwdriver Length: 1 m Division Ratio: 10:1 Circuit Loading (1 M ohm scope input): 10 M ohm; 7.5 pF Typical Scope Bandwidth: 300 MHz Compensates Oscilloscope Input: 1 M ohm; 10 to 16 pF
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