Hameg HM7042-3

The HM7042-3 Triple Power Supply is a compact instrument developed for current and voltage supply... mehr
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The HM7042-3 Triple Power Supply is a compact instrument developed for current and voltage supply requirements in the laboratory field. The unit is manually controlled featuring linear voltage regulation with low ripple and noise. This newly designed instrument combines DC/DC converters as pre regulator followed by a linear voltage regulator. Three independent floating voltages deliver a total output power of maximum156W. Either output can be combined in a series or a parallel connected array to either increase the current or voltage capability. The output current and voltage is continuously variable in one range from 0V to 32V and 50mA to 2A. In addition to the two voltages, the HM7042-3 has an additional output that is rated at 5A and variable between 2.7V and 5.5V. The change over from voltage control to current control is performed automatically, based on the load, and is indicated via LEDs. All outputs can be switched On/Off simultaneously withthe push ofthe outputbutton. When a current limit value is reached, power is removed from the output to protect sensitive circuits. The HM7042-3 posses every safety feature necessary to ensure problem free operation. The built in fan is temperature controlled and starts operating after 40°C is reached inside the instrument. Due to its high quality standard, the HM7042-3, which is stackable with other HAMEG instruments, will always be a cost effective alternative which rivals other, more expensive units.
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Hameg HM7042-3
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