Fluke OneTouch AT Versiv

OneTouch AT Versiv
An automated all-in-one portable tester for understanding end-user Ethernet and Wi-Fi network... mehr
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An automated all-in-one portable tester for understanding end-user Ethernet and Wi-Fi network performance on-site in real-time and through the cloud over time. All-in-one: Combined copper, fiber and W i-Fi troubleshooting resolves a broad range of problems with one tool Fast: one-button automated testing with pass/fail analysis speeds identification of the most common problems in about a minute Easy: standardized network troubleshooting and performance validation empowers technicians of various skill levels to solve more problems with confidence Complete: a comprehensive client view of performance isolates the problem root cause starting from the physical layer, through the network and to server-hosted applications Cloud: automated, cloud-based results trending and performance analytics to troubleshoot intermittent client problems from anywhere using a web-connected device with a browser Discover: automated wired and W i-Fi discovery and analysis provides visibility into connected devices, key device properties, device interconnections and problems Performance: end-to-end L2/L3 wired and W i-Fi path performance measurement to a peer or a reflector to validate and document link readiness and SLA compliance VoIP: inline VoIP call monitoring and comprehensive logging simplifies troubleshooting of desktop VoIP problems in real-time without taps or switch mirror ports Capture: wired, Wi-Fi, VoIP and AutoTest packet capture streamlines collaboration and escalation of the most complex issues Versiv™ test platform: expands capabilities by adding new modules as testing needs evolve
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