Keysight (Agilent/HP) 53230A

The Agilent 53230A universal frequency counter/timer serves all your frequency and time interval... mehr
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The Agilent 53230A universal frequency counter/timer serves all your frequency and time interval measurement needs. In addition to the typical frequency and time interval measurements, continuous/gap-free measurements are available for basic modulation domain analysis. Optional burst measurement software is available. The 53200 RF and universal frequency counter/timer series offers a base bandwidth of 350 MHz with options to extend up to 15 GHz. Measurement reading speed has increased by more than two orders of magnitude from the previous generation. The 53200 offers resolution performance up to 12 digits/second continuous-count gap free frequency resolution and 20 pico-second single-shot time interval resolution, giving it the highest capabilities in its class. LXI/Ethernet and USB 2.0 are standard features, making it quick and simple to connect to a PC test system instruments or a network. The 53200 includes internal memory of 1M readings and supports a USB memory stick, making storing and retrieving data from the counter fast and easy. A large 4.3 inch graphical display offers excellent viewing for fast trigger and instrument set-up. The 53200 series has built-in post measurement analysis, internal reading memory and fast data transfer speeds, expanding the capabilities of the 53200 series beyond the typical general-purpose frequency counter. Advanced math and statistical information, including basic modulation domain analysis (MDA), simple jitter analysis, Allan deviation and histograms, allow engineers in design and manufacturing to view the history of their measurements quickly and see the quality and performance of their signal. The 53200 series is SCPI compatible with the current Agilent generation of RF/universal frequency counters (53131A, 53132A, 53181A). Features Two 350 MHz input channels, plus optional third channel (6 GHz or 15 GHz) 12 digits/second resolution, 100 psec time interval resolution Great information accessibility: 1M reading memory, up to 75,000 frequency readings/sec, stripchart/trend plot, cumulative histograms Continuous gap-free measurements New measurement capability: basic modulation domain/timestamp and optional pulse/burst microwave measurements Optional pulse microwave measurements LXI-C/LAN and USB standard, GPIB optional Built-in math analysis and color, graphical display (trend and histogram) Optional: Lithium Ion Battery that supports remote usage and maintenance of accurate measurements by keeping the timebase warm at all times. Options 010 Ultra-high-stability OCXO timebase 200 Optional Pulse/Burst measurement within microwave range 202 Optional microwave input - front Type N (default if 106 or 115 ordered) 115 15 GHz microwave input 150 Pulse microwave measurements (53230A only) 301 Standard without battery 400 GPIB interface
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10 Hz - 350 MHz / 6 GHz / 15 GHz
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