Kepco BOP10-75MG

The BOP 1 Kilowatt has two primary control channels: voltage and current. Either of these may be... mehr
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The BOP 1 Kilowatt has two primary control channels: voltage and current. Either of these may be controlled from full plus setting to full minus setting. To assure that they will intersect in one of the two source quadrants to form a closed boundary, as do conventional unipolar power supplies, four auxiliary limit channels are provided: plus voltage, minus voltage, plus current and minus current. These four are controllable from zero to the nominal values. Their control does not pass through zero as do the primary voltage and current channels. The intersection of whichever primary control channel is engaged by the load and the respective limit channel does form a closed boundary, and a variable load automatically crosses over from the primary to the limit. Features Full 4-quadrant, 1000 watt, source-sink operation. Energy recuperation, during sink-mode, through a patented bi-directional PFC circuit.(1) Meets the EN61000-3-2 harmonic limits. A built-in EN55022 Class B input EMI filter is provided. High efficiency switch-mode operation. Output voltage from ±10V to ±100V. Full digital control with built-in standard GPIB. Understands SCPI and IEEE 488.2; VISA driver provided. Large graphic LCD, displays settings and actual output. Keypad control from front panel with menu to access functions. Calibration adjustments are made with the keypad or remotely and are stored in non-volatile memory. Calibration is password protected. CE; Complies with the requirements of the Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC, the Marking and Declaration Directive 93/28/EEC, and the EMC Directive 89/336/EEC. Built-in complex waveform generator.
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  • 1DD20B72-9B08-4020-916D-3A1B9C8568A6
±10 V, ±75 A, 1000 W
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