Array Wave Judge 4900A

Wave Judge 4900A
Sanjole’s WaveJudge can identify and analyze: DL Assignment and UL grant analysis Scheduling... mehr
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Sanjole’s WaveJudge can identify and analyze: DL Assignment and UL grant analysis Scheduling errors DL/UL timing offsets Resource block assignments• Subcarrier energy usage• L1–L3 usage• MIMO Type and Rank comparison• MIMO decodes• HandOver issues• L1–L3 layer decodes• Synchronization and • reference signal errors Network entry failures Features Decodes of MAC, RLC, PDCP, RRC, NAS • with full correlation to the PHY layer L1/L2/L3 analysis of DL/UL • via RF Interface Customized Control and • Data plane viewer Analysis of all LTE modulation formats • and modulation sequences: BPSK, QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM, and Zadoff-Chu Support for all DL/UL • channels and signals RF and digital demodulation• Constellation per Symbol and • transport block assignments overlaid with received energy Time Domain power with ultra zoom• FFT Interval analysis• ARQ and HARQ analysis and summary Benefits Locate complex issues that span • LTE layered technology Validate complete RF, • demodulation and decoding Verify eNodeB channel outputs• Track scheduling decisions along • with optimization within subframes Locate eNodeB UL grants and • verify UE correct usage Identify channel conditions • and compare with modulation scheme chosen by eNodeB Analyze complex antennae schemes • including MIMO and beamforming Locate protocol exchange per • UE and identify errors Trace the bytes as they move • through the MAC, RLC, PDCP layers Compare expected vs. received frame • structure & identify allocation issues Visually inspect scheduler performance• Capture Network Entry • beginning with UL power Accelerate problem solving • and time to market
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Troubleshooting LTE technology
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