EG & G 7260

- Frequency range: 0.001 Hz to 250 kHz - Voltage sensitivity: 2 nV to 1 V full-scale- Current... mehr
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- Frequency range: 0.001 Hz to 250 kHz - Voltage sensitivity: 2 nV to 1 V full-scale- Current input mode sensitivities: 2 fA to 1 ?A full-scalefA to 10 nA full-scale- Line frequency rejection filter- Dual phase demodulator with X-Y and R-? outputs - Very low phase noise of < 0.0001° rms - 5-digit output readings- Dual reference mode - allows simultaneous measurement of two signals atdifferent reference frequencies up to 20 kHz - Single and dual harmonic mode - allows simultaneous measurement of up to twodifferent harmonics of a signal - Virtual reference mode - allows reference free measurement of signals up to60 kHz - Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) oscillator with variable amplitude andfrequency- Oscillator frequency and amplitude sweep generator - Output time constant: 10 ?s to 100 ks- 8-bit programmable digital output port for external system control - Three external ADCs, four external DACs- Full range of auto-modes - Standard IEEE-488 and RS232 interfaces with RS232 daisy-chain capability for up to 16 instruments - Large back-lit liquid crystal display (LCD) with menus for control and display ofinstrument outputs in both digital and graphical format - 32768 point internal curve storage buffer
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EG & G 7260
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50 Hz Modification installed
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