Anritsu 68337B

Signal Generator in the range from 2 - 20 GHz, accurately leveled output power to –120 dBm in... mehr
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Signal Generator in the range from 2 - 20 GHz, accurately leveled output power to –120 dBm in 0.01 dB steps facilitates receiver sensitivity measurements. Fast 5 ms switching time maximizes system throughput. Internal list mode frees the A.T.E. controller to perform measurement analysis tasks. AM, FM, phase modulation, pulse modulation, scan modulation and user-defined modulation make the Anritsu 68300C series perfect for signal simulation. Internal modulation generators offer 7 modulating waveforms plus optional user-defined modulation waveforms. Internal Gaussian and uniform noise capabilities provide controlled clock jitter for digital receiver testing. Advanced internal pulse modulation generates single and multiple pulses, for the ultimate in radar blind spot and recovery time testing. In addition, Anritsu’s unique pulse generator provides moving target simulation, radar and fading simulation. The 68C family offers excellent phase noise performance at a moderate cost, while the 69B family offers the ultimate in phase noise performance. Features Broad frequency coverage including 0.1 Hz to 65 GHz in a single coax output Ultra-low SSB phase noise and spurious +17 dBm guaranteed leveled power to 20 GHz 0.1 Hz optional frequency resolution <5 ms switching time for <100 MHz sweep steps Digital frequency sweep and digital power sweep Wide dynamic range with accurate output levels Intuitive, menu-driven front panel Options 01 Rack Mounting 2A Step Attenuator 15B High Power Output
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Anritsu 68337B
2 - 20 GHz
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