Keysight (Agilent/HP) E4400A

250 kHz up to 1 GHz Flexible architecture, upgrade paths for options, and digital... mehr
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250 kHz up to 1 GHz Flexible architecture, upgrade paths for options, and digital Electronic attenuator for reliability & repeatability Superior level accuracy Wideband FM and Phase Modulation Step sweep (frequency, power and list) Built-in function generator The E4400A analog RF signal generator offers excellent in-channel performance with superior quality and reliability -- at an affordable price. The first in a new generation of signal generators, it provides excellent frequency and level control, and wide modulation capabilities. It is ideally suited to meet the demanding requirements of today's receiver test, component test and local oscillator applications. The innovative design of the E4400A provides a flexible architecture that can be tailored to meet the changing demands of evolving markets. Lower initial cost, high reliability and a two-year calibration cycle, all strive to minimize the cost of ownership. The E4400A RF signal generator is designed for long-term dependability, which maximizes production throughput and uptime.
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