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The Tektronix 2704 Inverter and 2705 Battery Pack form a complete portableAC power source for use... mehr
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The Tektronix 2704 Inverter and 2705 Battery Pack form a complete portableAC power source for use with Tektronix 271X-Series Spectrum Analyzers. Theyallow operation of AC powered instruments in locations where mains power isnot available. The 2704 Inverter and 2705 Battery Pack will operate Tektronix271X-Series Spectrum Analyzers for a minimum of 50 minutes unless otherwisenoted. Additional 2705 Battery Packs, or an auxiliary 12 volt DC source, can beconnected to the 2704 Inverter to further extend the operating time.The 2704 Inverter converts 12 VDC (nominal) at its input to quasi-sinusoidal 115 VACRMS at its output and supplies it to the instrument being powered. The2704 Inverter also contains a battery charger to recharge one or two 2705s, and a+18 VDC auxiliary output to power devices such LNBs used in satellitedownlink applications. A low battery warning and inverter shutdown circuit isstandard.The 2704 Inverter is fan cooled and provided with overload and thermalprotection.The 2705 Battery Pack contains a rechargeable, 15 ampere-hour, sealed lead-acidbattery that supplies 12 VDC (nominal) to the 2704 Inverter. The battery packmates with, and attaches to, the back of the 2704. Battery charge status indicatorsare provided on the 2704.The 2704 Inverter and the 2705 Battery Pack are usually attached to the bottomof the Tektronix 271X-Series Spectrum Analyzer. The 2704 Inverter and 2705Battery Pack can, however, be used (or carried) joined together as a separatepackage.The 2704 Inverter and 2705 Battery Pack are for use with the Tektronix271X-Series Spectrum Analyzer only.
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