Designed for field operators, the small, rugged, battery operated ANT-5 streamlines... mehr
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Designed for field operators, the small, rugged, battery operated ANT-5 streamlines installation and maintenance testing. Its advanced features and automated functions enable technicians to perform test quickly and effectively. With all the necessary interfaces already built-in, the ANT-5 is the most complete instrument, allowing technicians to focus on measurement tasks, rather than the complex operation of the instrument itself. The ANT-5 is designed to provide field technicians with the ability to perform the key tests that are necessary to ensure a robust and cost effective wireline network. SUITABLE FOR > Communication infrastructure engineers > Construction > Telecommunications/network technicians > Installation and Commissioning technicians FEATURES > Bit Error Rate testing > Performance analysis according to international standards: G.281, G.826, G.828, G.829, M.2100, M.2101 and ANSI > APS-measurement including Service Disruption > Round Trip Delay measurement > Pointer generation and analysis > Overhead generation and analysis including path trace [in Hex and cleat text format(interpreter)] > TCM generation and analysis > K-Byte generation, analysis and capture
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