LeCroy LC574AM

The LeCroy LC574AM Oscilloscope is a four-channel instrument with 1GHz bandwidth and full... mehr
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The LeCroy LC574AM Oscilloscope is a four-channel instrument with 1GHz bandwidth and full colour 9 inch display. Maximum single-shot sampling rates are 1GS/s on all four channels or 4GS/s on a single channel. Interleaved sampling provides a 10GS/s effective digitising rate for repetitive signals. Memory depth is 500kPts per channel. Features • Comprehensive selective triggering facilities. • Waveform and set-up storage in non-volatile memory and bulk storage on in-built floppy disk drive. • Facilities for remote control by computer. • Advanced waveform maths, parameter analysis and spectrum analysis functions. • Ability to display up to eight traces, simultaneously selected from active channels, stored waveforms, expanded or mathematically processed data. Full-screen mode allows the whole screen area to be used for signal displays. • Analog Persistence mode can be used to simulate the display, which would be produced by an analogue oscilloscope, but retaining the advantages of digital storage processing etc. • An inbuilt monochrome printer provides an instant paper record of the screen display. Interfaces allow full colour printing or plotting on external devices, either directly or via a computer.
Produktgruppe Oszilloskope / Digital
  • E8065627-03C7-410C-B199-FBBD5F1098CE
LeCroy LC574AM
1 GHz, 1 GS/s, 4 Kanäle
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