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Xtract features a square flat-top tunable filter allowing clean DWDMoptical channel... mehr
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Xtract features a square flat-top tunable filter allowing clean DWDMoptical channel extraction.Ideal Tool for Channel Selection and Extractionfrom DWDM SignalsXtract accurately isolates a DWDM channel for BERT or Q-factormeasurements. It features automatic channel detection with a rela-tive wavelength accuracy of ±15 pm.Clean Channel ExtractionXtract’s square flat-top filter shape prevents any corruption of the data.This ensures proper signal conditioning before additional testing ofthe selected channel.Covers all the Transmission BandsXtract operates from 1450 to 1650 covering the E-, S-, C- and L-bands.Ready for Next Generation DWDM Transport SystemsXtract is suitable for systems with very high channel density as wellas up to 40 Gb/s modulation rate. The fixed bandwidth of the filter,from 100 to 700 pm, is user-defined at the time of order.Variable BandwidthXtract offers a variable bandwidth as an option. Without altering theremarkable optical features of the filter, this capability enables you to adapt perfectly the filter bandwidth to the modulation of the signal.This allows you to validate complex simulations of your componentand system designs with reliable results.
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  • 119B8F96-A191-4662-B346-2DDE5BB9DC26
1450 to 1650 nm
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