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DG5072 Rigol DG5072
DG5072 is a multipurpose generator combining different capabilities including Function Generation, Arbitrary Waveform Generation, IQ Baseband Source/IQ IF Source, Frequency Hopping Source (optional) and Pattern Generation (optional)....
DG3101A Rigol DG3101A
The Rigol DG3101A is a Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator to create high quality signals up to 100 MHz (Sine). Beside the analog output, the device includes an USB-Host- and an USB-device, a RS-232, LAN and GPIB interface. The Rigol...
DSG3030 Rigol DSG3030
The Rigol DSG3030 is a RF signal generator for the frequency range of 9 kHz to 3 GHz. Due to its attractive price, its compact design and its flexible functions and modulations, it is an interesting device for R&D, manufacturing,...
DSA1030 Rigol DSA1030
Spectrum Analyzer 9kHz-3GHz Digital IF Design Frequency range: 9 kHz bis 3 GHz Displayed average noise level: -148 dBm Phase noise: -88 dBc/Hz (at 10 kHz offset) Total amplitude uncertainty: < 1 dB Bandwidth resolution: min. 10 Hz...
DS2072A Rigol DS2072A
The Rigol DS2072A is a very high quality two channel digital storage oscilloscope. It features a real-time sample rate of up to 2 GSa/s and a bandwidth of 70 MHz. The Rigol oscilloscopes are equipped with well designed and easy to use...