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752G Weinschel 752G
WA200449 Weinschel WA200449
High Power Fixed Coaxial Attenuator, DC - 4 GHz, 60 W, N-connectors.
430A Weinschel 430A
The 430A Sweep Generator is an all solid state unit providing complete frequency coverage in five bands from 0.01 to 18 GHz with ±0.5% frequency accuracy. Symmetrical sweeping from 0 to 100% of band at calibrated setting or with...
Model 2 Weinschel Model 2
Precision fixed coaxial attenuator, N-connectors, DC - 18 GHz, average power 5 W, impedance 50 Ohm.
1810A Weinschel 1810A
Test Kit, consisting of the following parts : 2 ea. HP / Agilent X281C Adapter WR90 (8,2 - 12,4 GHz) 2 ea. HP / Agilent P281C Adapter WR62 (12,4 - 18 GHz) 2 ea. HP / Agilent K281C Adapter WR42 (18 - 26,5 GHz) 1 ea. Weinschel 1872A...
WA29/4-30-43 Weinschel WA29/4-30-43
Fixed Attenuator, DC - 4 GHz, 75 W, N-connectors.
4310A Weinschel 4310A
The 4310A/K Multiband Sweeper is for measurement and testing applications requiring an electronically multiplexed RF output with continuous sweeping over the 0.01 to 18 GHz frequency range. This system is also available with narrower...