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PSM-2010 GW Instek PSM-2010
200W Single Output, Programmable Power Supply Single Output High resolution: 1mV/1mA 0.01% load/line regulation, 350uVrms ripple Auto step running with timer setting and 100 Sets memory Safety design: OVP,OCP & OTP; Output ON/OFF control...
GSP830 GW Instek GSP830
Featuring high performance, uncompromised design, and remote monitoring software, the GSP-830 3 GHz Spectrum Analyzer is the latest evolution from GWInstek. The GSP-830 has an exceptional noise floor of -152dBm/Hz, and combined with the...
GPC3030D GW Instek GPC3030D
Dual Adjustable Output plus 5V 3A Fixed Output Auto Tracking Auto Series and Parallel Operation Constant Voltage and Constant Current Operation Low Ripple and Noise Internal Select for Continuous or Dynamic Load Overload and Reverse...
LCR817 GW Instek LCR817
The LCR-800 Series are high-end digital LCR meters for component/material measurements, applicable to various R&D activities and assembly lines. The large 240 x 128 dot matrix LCD display provides ample room for two measurement items and...
GDS840S GW Instek GDS840S
Instek GDS-840S Digital Osilloscope - 250 MHz 100 MS/s with RS-232, USB, Printer Port, Go/No Go output.
GPC6030D GW Instek GPC6030D
Triple DC Power Supply, 2x 60 V/3 A, 1x 5 V/5 A
GDS820C GW Instek GDS820C
Instek GDS-820C Digital Osilloscope - 150 MHz, 100 MS/s with RS-232, USB, Printer Port, Go/No Go output.