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69047A Wiltron 69047A
The Anritsu 68C/69B series are your best choice for A.T.E. applications. They pack the highest performance available in a single 13.3 cm package to minimize rack space. High output power assures adequate signal strength to the device...
4002 Schlumberger 4002
Frequenzbereich 100 kHz bis 2160 MHz, Auflösung 20 Hz, HF-Ausgangspegel von -138,9 dBm bis +10 dBm, Auflösung 0,1 dB, hohe spektrale Reinheit (harmonische <-30 dBc bis +5 dBc), FM bis 800 kHz, PM bis 99,9 rad, interner...
DSO5032A Keysight (Agilent/HP) DSO5032A
The Agilent 5000 series delivers the proprietary MegaZoom III technology in a small benchtop package. By combining fast sample rates with deep memory and impressive update rates, these scopes help you avoid the trade-offs associated with...