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The OSA-155 DWDM System Analyzer is a field-ready optical spectrum analyzer offering... mehr
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The OSA-155 DWDM System Analyzer is a field-ready optical spectrum analyzer offering measurements of wavelength, power and optical SNR on the different carriers of multiwavelength signals in the range 1500 to 1620 nm with up to 50 GHz/0.4 nm spacing. With a maximum channel power of +15 dBm, up to 32 channels can be measured and displayed in a WDM table list. More than 32 channels (up to 256) can be measured simultaneously with reduced channel power. In the extended wavelength range 1450 to 1650 nm, measurements of the optical supervisory channels (OSC) are possible. Measured results are presented either as complete spectral analysis graphics or as a WDM table, listing all DWDM carriers with their relevant parameters. The measured results are displayed on a large 10.4" TFT color LCD with touchscreen capability. Features Analyzer for DWDM systems with channel spacings of 50 GHz/0.4 nm and higher Fast and complete DWDM system analysis based on accurate wavelength, power and S/N ratio measurements Internal l-reference guarantees high wavelength measurement accuracy Drop capability for single WDM channels (monitor output) enables subsequent analysis using any SDH/SONET transmission analyzer Easy carrier power alignment and troubleshooting through spectral analysis Wide input power range enables high channel power applications Remote operation/testing via modem or LAN (TCP/IP) Ideal for DWDM system installation, maintenance & troubleshooting: rugged and portable (9 kg/19.6 lb) Comprehensive instrument powering: internal battery, external battery connection and AC line Easy and intuitive touchscreen operation Integration into monitoring/surveillance systems Interchangeable adapter system for interconnectivity with all common optical connectors
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