Yokogawa 7561

High accuracy, and excellent stability and linearity, the 7560 series features: DC voltage... mehr
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High accuracy, and excellent stability and linearity, the 7560 series features: DC voltage accuracy: ±0.003% of rdg ±15 digits (90 days, 23 ±5°C) OHM accuracy: ±0.009% of rdg ±30 digits (90 days, 23 ±5°C) A large memory capacity of 8,000 data by using IC memory card The 7560 Series can store 1,000 measured data by using internal memory (or 8,000 data by using an optional IC memory card). This allows high-speed sampling without being affected by transmission capacity via a communication bus. Data can then be transferred to a controller after completing measurements. These storage functions allow DMM to be used as high-speed data logger. High-speed sampling 7560 Series: 333 times/s The feedback PWM A/D converter, which includes a new counting system, allows a high-speed response without changing any excellent features. The sampling rate of 40 times/s can be obtained even with a 5-1/2 digit display. The 7560 Series offer high system throughput with a large memory capacity, high-speed auto-ranging, programmable sampling interval, and integrating time. GP-IB interface (standard) The following functions are available with communication interface. Functions executed by panel key operation Measured data output Panel-set data output Stored data output Status byte output An input-site change between front and rear panels 7560 Series has the input terminal for the voltage and resistance between front and rear panels.
Produktgruppe Digitalmultimeter
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Yokogawa 7561
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