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Propsim C2
High technical performance for the best emulation accuracy has always been the basis of Propsim... mehr
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High technical performance for the best emulation accuracy has always been the basis of Propsim radio channel emulator design. Propsim C2 continues this tradition with a new design that combines performance with unprecedented ease of use and flexibility. Fading emulator for 2G/3G/WLAN/WIMAX and beyond The Propsim C2 wideband radio channel emulator accurately reproduces real-world propagation phenomena such as multi-path fading, sliding delays, attenuation, path loss, Doppler shift, and shadowing. It also includes integrated AWGN and interference sources for accurate and repeatable S/N and C/I emulation. Propsim C2 enables systematic, repeatable laboratory testing of wireless systems under realistic, time variant conditions. Propsim C2 incorporates three emulation interfaces – RF, analog baseband and digital baseband. This extends its use throughout the whole product development cycle from ASIC design verification and algorithm testing to conformance testing. Propsim C2 bandwidth and frequency area supports the testing of any system within these limitations. The channel emulation quality meets and exceeds even the most severe demands from present and future Wi-Fi and WiMAX systems. Propsim C2 helps to reduce the time-to-market of wireless products by speeding up all phases of the product development cycle, and enabling detection of design errors at the earliest and least expensive stage of development.
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