Rohde & Schwarz RT-ZD10

The R&S RT?ZD10/20/30 is a differential probe with high input impedance. It is used for... mehr
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The R&S RT?ZD10/20/30 is a differential probe with high input impedance. It is used for differential voltage measurements from DC to 1.0 GHz, 1.5 GHz, and 3 GHz, respectively. Differential probes can be used for single-ended and differential applications. They are equipped with two high-impedance inputs and can measure the voltage between any two test points. Unlike using single-ended probes, there is no need to ensure that one of the test points is always at ground potential. The comprehensive accessory set allows this probe to be connected to a wide variety of devices under test (DUT). Provided with special features such as the R&S ProbeMeter and the micro button, the R&S RT?ZD10/20/30 is designed to meet tomorrow's challenges in probing. The external attenuator R&S RT?ZA15 can be used to extend the input voltage range of the R&S RT?ZD10/20/30. It is supplied with the R&S RT?ZD10 and is available as optional accessory for the R&S RT?ZD20/30. The probe is equipped with theRohde & Schwarz probe interface. It can be con- nected to any Rohde & Schwarz instrument that is compatible with this interface. When connected to the front panel, the probe is controlled by the oscilloscope's software. Supported oscilloscopes are listed in the data sheet.
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