Elektro - Automatik EA-PS 3332-03

EA-PS 3332-03
q Output voltage 2 x 0...16V or 2 x 0...32V q Output current 2 x 3A and 2 x 5A q Laboratory,... mehr
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q Output voltage 2 x 0...16V or 2 x 0...32V q Output current 2 x 3A and 2 x 5A q Laboratory, Schools, Industry and workshop applications q Double units with auxilary outputs 3...6V DC/2A q Option: External programming, Monitor outputs and remote sense (Option “REM“) q Option: CAN-Bus (RS 232) q Overvoltage protection (OVP) adjustable q Volt- and Ammeter class 2.0 q Mode indication “CV“ and “CC“ q Safety: EN 60950 q EMI: EN 50081 part 1, EN 50082 part 1 General These double output laboratory power supplies are based on the units of the Series PS 3000. Voltage and current are indicated on instruments of the class 2,0. The output voltages are available on safety sockets on the front panel. The outputs can be connected in series or in parallel to achieve higher voltages or currents. The units are equipped with an auxiliary output, supplying a fixed voltage of 3...6 Volts and a max. current of 2A. This output is located on the right side with safety sockets. The voltage can be adjusted by means of a screwdriver near the output. The use of automatic transformer switching, MOS-FET power stages and temperature controlled variable fan cooling en- sures accurate performance and very high reliability even under the most demanding conditions. The units are capable of 100% duty cycle.
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2 x 0...32V; 2 x 0...3A
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