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The FIREBERD 4000 Communications Analyzer is a flexible, cost-effective instrument that tests... mehr
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The FIREBERD 4000 Communications Analyzer is a flexible, cost-effective instrument that tests digital circuits and equipment. Combining convenience and reliable performance, the FIREBERD 4000 is ideally suited for a wide variety of test applications. Operating at rates from 50 b/s to 15 Mb/s, the FIREBERD 4000 provides a high degree of flexibility for testing G.703, T-Carrier, and DDS circuits, evaluating equipment performance, or performing long-term or unattended testing. The instrument features a range of standard data rates, plus the ability to operate at non-standard data rates when the optional frequency synthesizer is installed. Specifications Operating Ranges: Synchronous: 50 b/s to 15 Mb/s. Asynchronous: 50 b/s to 20 kb/s (Internal RS-232/V.24 and MIL-188C interfaces only). Generator Timing: Clock Sources: Fixed internal frequencies, data interface and external BNC. Internal Clock Frequencies: 300 Hz, 1.2 kHz, 2.4 kHz, 4.8 kHz, 9.6 kHz, 19.2 kHz, 56 kHz, 64 kHz, 128 kHz, 256 kHz, 512 kHz, 1544 kHz, and 2048 kHz +/- 5ppm. Data Generator: Fixed Patterns: Mar, Space, 1:1, 1:7, 3-in-24, and a user-programmable pattern of 3 to 24 bits in length. Pseudorandom Patterns: 63, 511, 2047, 215-1, 220-1, 223-1, QRSS. Messages: Non Programmable: standard FOX asynchronous message in four different code levels Programmable: three asynchronous messages up to 2000 bytes in length. Asynchronous Setup: Odd, none, or even parity; 5- to 8-bit code levels; 1, 1.5, or 2 stop bits. Error Insertion: Single error or fixed 10-3 rate in generated data only. Error Analysis Receiver: Sync Loss Thresholds: User-Selectable 100/1000, 250/1000, and 20,000/100,000 errors/total bits. Block Lengths: 102 to 106 bits, or pattern lengths. Signal Analysis: Frequency Measurement Range: 50 Hz to 16 MHz. Accuracy: +/- 5ppm Test Results: Summary Results (Non-Zero results only): Bit errors, bipolar violations (BPVs), character errors, code errors, cylic redundancy check (CRC) errors, block errors, frame errors, frame alignmen signal (FAS) errors, pattern slips, pattern loss. Error Results: Average bit error rate, average block error rate, bit errors, bit error rate, blocks, block errors, character errors, pattern loss, pattern slips. Options 4001 Second Interface Slot 4004 G821 Performance Analysis
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