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The R&S®DVRG is a universal processing platform for digital video streams. It enables recording... mehr
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The R&S®DVRG is a universal processing platform for digital video streams. It enables recording and replay of MPEG-2 transport streams. For error analysis, recording can be controlled by means of an external trigger signal. The stored signal includes time sections of different lengths both before and after the trigger event. For multifaceted tests of STBs, decoders and D/A converters, the R&S®DVRG offers a comprehensive library of transport streams. As a standalone unit, the R&S®DVRG is operated via the keys and the LC display on the front panel. The R&S®DVRG includes a complete PC platform running under the WindowsNT Embedded operating system, which can be fully utilized after connecting a VGA monitor, keyboard and mouse. This makes it possible, for example, to install and use further software packages for analyzing or generating transport streams. Moreover, the R&S®DVRG can easily be networked via the standard Ethernet 100BaseT interface for remote control and transmission of transport stream files. As an option, the R&S®DVRG also enables recording and replay of uncompressed digital video streams in SDI format at a data rate of 270 Mbit/s. Its versatility and configurability make the R&S®DVRG the most flexible platform available for anyone who works with digital video signals to MPEG-2, DVB and ATSC or SDI standard.
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