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The MD8470A Signaling Tester offers the optimum solution for mobile UE application development.... mehr
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The MD8470A Signaling Tester offers the optimum solution for mobile UE application development. It supports the processes required for various application developments such as voice calling, packet communications including browser/contents download, video calling, and end-to-end UE communications (with a single MD8470A). Also, the PPP server function is incorporated. The Wireless Network Simulator software incorporated in the MX847010A W-CDMA/GSM Simulation Kit simulates interactive base station operation and allows basic connection tests to be performed without creating scenarios, reducing the costs of creating and managing scenarios. With its enhanced W-CDMA/GSM functions, the WNS software and Simulation Kit provide solutions that support the ever-increasing number of mobile phone applications. The Wireless Network Simulator has enhanced SMS and video call test functions, as well as MMS transmission/reception tests. Service interrupts such as incoming voice/video calls during a packet call or SMS/MMS reception during a voice, packet, or video call can be tested. The MD8470A serves as an effective tool for establishing an integrated simulation environment in application development. Ethernet, ISDN, handset and serial I/O interfaces are provided for various data communication services.
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  • 8612A4DE-2E0B-4F0F-BC02-491AD4118BE3
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