Yokogawa 701930

Current probe for multimeters, digital oscilloscopes, and other waveform measuring... mehr
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Current probe for multimeters, digital oscilloscopes, and other waveform measuring instruments Bandwidth: DC to 10 MHz; current measurement: Max 150 A Clamp configuration makes current measurements easy The probe simply clamp around the conductor being measure. No external amplifier required: Connects directly to DL series instruments The probes can be directly connected to the 1 M? BNC inputs on the DL series instruments without the need for connection to a costly external amplifier. All probes in our lineup are space-saving, easy to carry, and offer superior performance at a reasonable cost. Powered by the DL's probe power supply terminal The probes are also compatible with external power supplies. Current values can be read directly on DL series instruments Using the current probe selection menu eliminates the need to enter current/voltage conversion values. Includes demagnetizing switch and zero adjust dial functions Relationship between the current being measured and probe's current consumption 701934 probe power supply
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  • 4E96223F-852E-4506-8510-2DD0F75DE681
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