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PSA6005 Thurlby-Thandar Instruments PSA6005
The PSA Series 5 is the latest and highest performance true handheld RF spectrum analyzer from Aim-TTi. It complements the existing PSA Series 2 by offering a significantly expanded feature set similar to that found on analyzers costing...
TG2000 Thurlby-Thandar Instruments TG2000
A new price point The TG1000/2000 breaks new ground by offering a high quality DDS function generator at a significantly lower price. DDS (direct digital synthesis) is a technique for generating waveforms digitally using a phase...
PL303QMD Thurlby-Thandar Instruments PL303QMD
Type of display used 4x LED 4 digits Number of channels 2 Output voltage 0...30 V DC Output current 0...3 A Output voltage 2 0...30 V DC Output current 2 0...3 A Output voltage resolution 0.01 V Voltage load regulation =0,01% + 2mV...
QPX1200L Thurlby-Thandar Instruments QPX1200L
The QPX1200L is a 1.2kW single output dc power supply that offers users a level of flexibility that cannot be achieved with conventional laboratory power supplies. It is suited to be bench-top and system applications and is fitted with...
TSX1820P Thurlby-Thandar Instruments TSX1820P
SPECIFICATIONS Output Specifications: Operating modes: Constant voltage or constant current with automatic crossover. Voltage range: 0V to 35V (TSX3510P). 0V to 18V (TSX1820P). Current range: 0A to 10A (TSX3510P). 0A to 20A (TSX1820P)....
PL330QMD Thurlby-Thandar Instruments PL330QMD
Quad Power Supply, 32 V, 3 A, no interface.
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