LeCroy LT224

The LeCroy WaveRunner series of digital oscilloscopes offer powerful tools at reasonable prices.... mehr
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The LeCroy WaveRunner series of digital oscilloscopes offer powerful tools at reasonable prices. WaveRunner oscilloscopes feature a user interface that is simple to learn and use, making it easy to take advantage of the scope's unique capabilities. SMART Trigger and SMART Memory let you capture signals while maintaining the maximum resolution and accuracy. The large, crisp 8.4" TFT flat display with analog and color-graded persistence makes it easy to view and measure signals, as well as locate rare signal problems. All models include automatic measurements, waveform math functions, and analysis capabilities so you can average sweeps, enhance vertical resolution, and use FFT to view a signal's frequency spectrum. Features Bandwidth 200 MHz Number of Channels 4 ch Simultaneous Channels 4 ch Simultaneous Maximum Sampling Rate/ch 200 MSa/s One ch only max. sampling rate 200 MSa/s Repetitive (RIS) Sampling Rate 10 GS/s max Max. Record Length 100000 pt/sec Min. Vertical Sensitivity 2 mV/div Maximum Vertical Sensitivity 10 V/div Number of Bits 8 bits Input Impedance 50 Ohm Input Impedance (alternate) 1 MOhm Input Coupling AC,DC,GND Maximum Input Voltage 5 Vrms Maximum Input#2 (for Impedance #2) 400 Vrms Main time base - lowest 1 ns/div Main time base - highest 1000 s/div Timebase accuracy 0.001 % Trigger Source CH1,CH2,CH3,CH4 External Trigger Modes: Auto, Coupling, Level, Normal, Single, Slope, Stop Display Type Color CRT Display Size 21.336 cm Display modes Auto,Normal,Single,Stop
Produktgruppe Oszilloskope / Digital
  • 1E808667-C3A8-49A5-8033-BA5D3EE65846
200 MHz, 200 MS/s, 4 Kanäle
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